Use: Crimean made of pet, plastic and nylon

Intended Use: Washing process by rubbing pet, plastic and nylon products together

Description: Our product carries out the washing process of broken plastics (PET, PE, PP, etc.) with the collapse method, and products heavier than water are transferred from the bottom by spirals. . Other products remaining on the water surface are transferred by spirals and mixers that follow each other.

Our product, unlike conventional washing pools, performs an effective process by taking longer distances to the product in a short distance, thanks to the 3-channel spirals on the upper part. Thanks to the beater wings, it separates products of different densities 100%. It is especially recommended for the separation of pet products in the “Lid-Label” mixture.

As standard, 150 mm wide 5 mt. Our machine, which is produced in length, can also be manufactured in different sizes (according to demand).

Please contact us for capacity and price information.