Use: Pressed: Open pet, pe and nylon product groups

Intended Use:Production of flakes and burrs from products

Description: Our production line, designed for recycling waste plastic lines, is 1000-1500 kg per hour Line planning has been made so that there is a bottle entrance. The production line is suitable for production with or without bales, and the number of machines and production planning may vary depending on the product.
Our Differences;
1. Ballistic separator; By using this machine in the production line, the load of the sorting band has been reduced. Thus, less employee employment is targeted.
2. Electro Magnetic Conveyor; With this method, which is much more efficient than natural magnets, metal unwanted foreign materials that may escape into the crushing machine are kept away.
3. tromel; With different hole diameters, materials such as dust and caps do not mix, so waste products can be evaluated more easily.
4. Cover Label Pool; Thanks to the spiral whisk on the top, more efficient washing and separation can be done.
5. Hot Washing Unit; Thanks to its 8-corner structure, the product’s contact with each other has been increased and the washing process has been made healthier.
6. Mechanical Dryer; Thanks to its 12 corner structure, the dewatering process is more efficient.
7. Bigbag filling; With the engine power used instead of compressed air, a quieter, lower energy cost and 10-15% more efficient filling is achieved.
The list of machines in the production line, their quantity and relevant information are given below.
• Steel Conveyor ; 1 piece, Product transfer
• Bale Opening ; 1 pc, Product thinning
• Ø700 Spiral ; 4 units, Product transfer
• Ballistic Separator ; 1 pc, Product separation
• Electro Magnetic Conveyor ; 1 pc, Metal separation
• Tromel ; 1 pc , Plastic washing-separation
• Sorting Belt and Platform; 2 units, Segmentation of the product into groups, sorting
• 800/1200 Refraction; 1 piece, Product shredding and bringing to the desired size
• Ø300 Spiral; 6 units, Product transfer
• Friction Wash; 3 pieces; Product washing-cleaning
• Silo (Broken product); 1 pc; Broken product stock
• Cover Label Pool; 3 pcs, Product washing-separation
• Hot Washing Unit; 2 pcs, Product wash
• Mechanical Dryer; 2 pcs, Product dewatering-dehumidifying
• Rotary Dryer; 1 pc, Dehumidification
• Eddy Current Separator; 1 pc, Metal/Nonmetal separation
• Powder Label Retrieval; 1 piece
• Bigbag Filling; 1 pcs, Bagging the product