Usage Area: Pet and plastic product groups on the packaging

Purpose of Use: Separating the packaging found on the products from the product

Description: Our product, which is produced for tearing and separating the packaging parts of plastic products, is designed to transfer the plastic part and the label part to different compartments after peeling the packaging part from the plastic part with the help of peeling materials. By bypassing the compressed air, the plastic part and the packages can be transferred from the same section outside the machine, if desired.

Our machine, which can be produced in different diameters and lengths, is Ø800 mm in diameter and 4 m in length as standard. Our standard product can be produced with a capacity of 2-2.5 tons/hour. Our machine, which is suitable for both pressed and non-pressed products, contributes positively to the wrong selections that may occur in the bottle selection machines of the manufacturers thanks to its high peeling quality.

Please contact for capacity and price information.