Use Area;Pet, plastic and nylon

Intended Use; Making pet, plastic and nylon products to the desired size

Description: Our product is used to bring plastics (PET, PE, PP, etc.) to the desired dimensions. The process is carried out with the help of fixed and rotating blades, and the blades are manufactured in 2379 material quality, with high abrasion resistance, and as heat treated. Knife sizes and quantities vary according to the product. The blades are positioned on the rotor as W cut and V cut.

A single flywheel is used in our machines, enabling more efficient working. The machine is armored with wear-retardant steel and this coating is bolted to the inner walls of the machine.

Screen thickness and hole diameter are determined according to demand. The sieve opens hydraulically and is easily changed. The sieve is supported by a mechanical locking system against impacts to the sieve during operation.


Please contact us for capacity and price information.