Usage Area: Pressed, open pet, pe and nylon product groups

Intended Use: Production of flakes and burrs from products

Explanation: Our production line, which is designed to recycle waste plastic lines, has been planned in such a way that 3000-3500 kg bottle inlet per hour. The production line is suitable for production with or without bales, and the number of machines and production planning may vary depending on the product.

Our Differences;

  1. Ballistic separator; By using this machine in the production line, the load of the sorting band has been reduced. Thus, less employee employment is targeted.
  2. Quad Break; Being one of the most critical machines, thanks to the fact that the crusher is backed up by 2 pairs to each other, the loss of efficiency due to breakdowns and maintenance stops is prevented.
  3. Electro Magnet Conveyor; With this method, which is much more efficient than natural magnets, metal unwanted foreign materials that may escape into the crushing machine are kept away.
  4. Tromel; With different hole diameters, materials such as dust and caps do not mix, so waste products can be evaluated more easily.
  5. Cover Label Pool; More efficient washing and separation can be done thanks to the spiral whisk on the upper part.
  6. Hot Washing Unit; Thanks to its 8-corner structure, the contact of the product with each other has been increased and the washing process has been made healthier.
  7. Mechanical Dryer; Thanks to its 12 corner structure, the dewatering process is more efficient.
  8. Bigbag filling; With the engine power used instead of compressed air, a quieter, lower energy cost and 10-15% more efficient filling is realized.

The list of machines in the production line, their quantity and relevant information are given below.

  • Steel Conveyor ; 1 piece, Product transfer
  • Bale Opening ; 1 pc, Product thinning
  • Ø700 Spiral ; 6 pieces, Product transfer
  • Ballistic Separator ; 1 pc, Product parsing
  • Electro Magnet Conveyor ; 1 pc, Metal separation
  • Tromel ; 1 pc , Plastic washing-separation
  • Sorting Belt and Platform; 1 piece, Separating the product into groups, sorting
  • Conveyor Belt; 2 pcs, Product transfer
  • Silo (Before crushing); 1 piece, Intermediate stock
  • 800/1200 Refraction; 4 pieces, Product shredding and bringing to the desired size
  • Ø300 Spiral; 14 pieces, Product transfer
  • Friction Washing; 4 units; Product washing-cleaning
  • Silo (Broken product); 1 pc; Broken product stock
  • Cover Label Pool; 3 pcs, Product washing-separation
  • Hot Washing Unit; 3 pcs, Product wash
  • Mechanical Dryer; 3 pcs, Product dewatering-dehumidifying
  • Rotary Dryer; 1 pc, Dehumidification
  • Eddy Current Separator; 1 pc, Metal/Nonmetal separation
  • Powder Label Retrieval; 1 piece
  • Bigbag Filling; 1 pcs, Bagging the product